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  1. I believe what I used was a scrap piece of laser transparency film left over after making a PCB photo mask. But any kind of thin flexible plastic should do. I guess the clear cellophane plastic you can buy in rolls for gift wrapping and such should work fine.

    To “mount” it I just bent it into a curve and stuck it in between the two wooden pillars. The outward force from it trying to straighten itself was enough to keep it in place.

  2. in your drill press post you said —
    It is hard to tell from the image, but over the lens I have put a small piece of clear plastic to prevent debris from the drilling action to fall into the camera. The plastic is just bent in a U shape over the lens and held in place by the two wood beams the camera is attached to. This gives it a slight curve that help the debris to slide off it.

    What kind of plastic did you use and how did you bend it? Now that I have your software running on my 32bit laptop I need to think about the mechanics of my drilling setup. Thans for sharing.

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